Playing and Winning in Lucky 6

“Lucky6” or “6 out of 60” is a dynamic game based on lottery. Players are offered a wide range of outcomes.

Lucky 6 Game Process

During each draw, six (6) game balls out of the total of sixty (60) are randomly selected into the cylinders of the gaming machine. The order of winning balls is determined by the cylinders of the machine from left to right. The cylinder on the left side is considered the first.

There is only one round for placing bets, and players can bet on all available outcomes in the upcoming draw. The betting round takes place between game draws and ends after approximately four minutes. Game draws take place daily 24/7 every 4 minutes.

How to Place a Bet in Lucky 6

  • Connect to your account;
  • If necessary, top up your gaming account;
  • Select a betting option;
  • Click “Confirm” to continue;
  • Enter your bet amount in the “Amount” field in the Coupon;
  • Click the “Place Bet” button.
  • Once the bet is placed, a message “Bet accepted” will appear.

Subscription in Lucky 6

  • When placing a bet, select the number of games you want to participate in.
  • Enter your bet amount in the “Amount” field in the Coupon;
  • Click the “Place Bet” button.

How to Check Draw Results and Bet History

Each draw has a unique number, and its results can be found on the “Results” page.

You can check your bet history on the “Bet History” page.

Rules of the Game Lucky 6

Terms and Definitions:
1.1. Gaming machine – a mechanical device used to shuffle and randomly select winning balls.
1.2. Balls – a set of sixty (60) special balls used in the game. The set includes 30 red and 30 blue balls. The balls are numbered from 0 to 9. The total sum of numbers on the balls is 270. The total sum of numbers on red balls is 138, and the total sum of numbers on blue balls is 132.
1.3. Cylinder of the gaming machine – a part of the gaming machine where balls are shuffled. The gaming machine has 6 identical cylinders, each containing 10 balls numbered from 0 to 9.
1.4. Cylinders – a part of the gaming machine connected to the drum, from which winning balls are drawn. The gaming machine has 6 identical cylinders.
1.5. Coefficients – a numerical expression determined by the game organizer, which is multiplied by the player’s bet amount to calculate the winning amount.
1.6. Odd numbers: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9.
1.7. Even numbers: 0, 2, 4, 6, 8.

2.1. Six (6) winning balls are randomly selected from the total of sixty (60) balls into the cylinders of the gaming machine.
2.2. A draw is considered successful when all 6 winning balls are selected. In all other cases, the draw is canceled, and all bets are returned.
2.3. Cylinders – six (6) identical parts attached to the gaming machine, where the lucky draw balls are placed. All 6 selected balls are displayed in a separate window.

Game Process:
3.1. There is only one interval for placing bets on the upcoming draw, during which players can bet on all possible outcomes of the upcoming draw.
3.1.1. The betting round takes place between game draws and lasts for several minutes (after the current betting round ends, betting for the next draw immediately begins).

Betting Limits:
4.1. Maximum and minimum game limits are determined by the gaming company.

Special Cases:
5.1. Canceled Draws:
5.1.1. Occurrence of technical problems (internet connection issues, technical failures in the studio);
5.2. Video and audio streams do not match or are missing.
5.2.1. If sound is absent during the broadcast or the host announces incorrect ball numbers, the correct draw result is determined by the video stream.
5.2.2. If a player cannot view the broadcast due to technical reasons before its completion (loss of internet connection, power outage, etc.), but the recording of the broadcast can be found in the archive, the draw is considered successful.

Game Organization:
6.1. Games are held around the clock 7 days a week with technical maintenance breaks as needed.

Equipment Used in the Game:
7.1. Gaming machine (point 1.1).
7.2. Set of sixty (60) balls (point 1.2).

8.1. These rules and definitions are published in multiple languages for informational and player use purposes. The English version of these rules is the legal document between the Player and the Operator. In case of any discrepancies between the non-English and English versions, the English version is considered the original copy of these rules and legally prevails over any translated versions.
8.2. All player inquiries regarding the draw result or other technical issues must be addressed to the Game Operator no later than 30 (thirty) days after the draw.